Download Gothic 2 Online (0.1.8)
G2O (0.1.8) Windows Client
G2O (0.1.8) Windows Server (x32)
G2O (0.1.8) Linux Server (x32)
  • Game Gothic II: Night of the Raven 2.6
  • Code 5 - Gothic Fix 2.6 rev is not installed
  • Code 193 - Visual Redistribute Patch 2015 (x86) is not installed. But if you already installed it, use "Repair" option. Also Visual Redistribute Patch 2013 (x86) may be required.
  • Missing SHW32.DLL - It means that, you installed G2O to wrong directory. G2O should be installed into main Gothic directory.
    Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\JoWood\Gothic II".

Older releases
Download Gothic 2 Online (dev 8)
G2O (dev 8) Windows Client
G2O (dev 8) Windows Server (x32)
G2O (dev 8) Linux Server (x32)

Download Gothic Online (0.4.6a)
GO (0.4.6a) Windows Client
GO (0.4.6a) Windows Server (x32)
GO (0.4.6a) Linux Server (x32)
Current version: 0.1.8
Next version: 0.1.9