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Hello! I did BASS library implementation for Gothic Online. Now, you can use it simply with Squirrel for playing music on server on internet radio.

List of functions:
BASS_StreamCreateFile(fileName, start, end); //Create music stream from file
BASS_StreamCreateURL(url); //Create music stream from radio url
BASS_StreamFree(stream); //Stop playing music and free stream
BASS_GetVolume(stream); //Get volume of library
BASS_SetVolume(stream, vol); //Set volume of library (0-100)
BASS_ChannelStop(stream); //Stop music channel
BASS_ChannelPlay(stream, restart = FALSE); //play music from stream
BASS_ChannelPause(stream); //Pause stream
BASS_ChannelGetTags(stream); //Get tag of stream as string
UPDATE: 30.12.2015 - Fixed BASS_SetVolume crash
04.01.2016 - Disabled automatic volume changing when module is initiating
29.02.2016 - SetVolume only for selected channel (not all system)
Updated today!
I have a question.

What are start and end in:
BASS_StreamCreateFile(fileName, start, end); ?
Use 0 for start and end.
Thanks. But I want to know what are these?
From BASS doc:
Type: OnlineSystem::Int64
File offset to begin streaming from.

Type: OnlineSystem::Int64
Data length... 0 = use all data up to the end of the file.
BASS_SetVolume(vol); change main volume in Windows, not only in library. Can you fix it?
This is not bug, it's a feature Wink
But it volume down TeamSpeak too, this is problem.
I will try to change it later.
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