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[CLIENTSIDE/dev8] Color Draws
This script will allow you to create draws with different colors.

Author: Osmith.
Script: click.


local draw = createColorDraw(x,y,font,text) // Create color draw // Show color draw
draw.hide() // Hide color draw


In the text of draw you need to write the color you need in the form: /255.255.255 or /255.001.255 or /255.000.000.

Hello /255.255.000World!

The first word will be white (because if you have not set a color, white is default), and the second word will be yellow.


local draw1 = createColorDraw(1000,1000,"Font_Old_20_White_Hi.TGA","Welcome to the /255.255.000My Test Server");
local draw2 = createColorDraw(1000,1400,"Font_Old_10_White_Hi.TGA","/255.000.000T /255.255.255- open /255.255.000chat.");;;

Example screenshot:

[Image: 8173ac684acd.png]
Discord: I'm not a spy...#9943.
GG: 60474243.

[Image: OsmithREV.gif]
[Image: 76561198181768479.png]
It should be implemented in G2O Core Wink In future ofc.
[Image: CPCFNwD.png]
(26.02.2017, 17:29)Sative Wrote: It should be implemented in G2O Core Wink In future ofc.
It will be for sure, but for now there are other things to do Smile

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