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Gothic 2 Online (0.1.3) - Release
[Image: EFfg2Vs.png]

Yes - Gothic Online is still alive! But before we move on to the main news - which is the update, we'll firstly give you a brief word of introduction. The situation of Gothic Online as a platform had been in bad condition since the beginning, and has gone worse especially after changes in all aspects of the project had been announced. The sudden disappearance of the new Junior Admin ALbatrOS, who was to implement all those changes, and then the offical abondonment of the G2O project by his main creator - Bimbol. As it may have seemed, those unfortunate incidents were supposted to leave the project to its fate. However, that didn't happen. Gothic Online is still alive (we would also like to tell you everything's fine - but it isn't and everyone is aware of this. However, we will do our best to make things better) and will be improved. And this is due to the two admins - Sative and Nubzior, who have decided to continue the development of Gothic Online. Sative, who has taken care of improving G2O by eliminating bugs and adding new features, and Nubzior, who has obliged himself to create a new version of both the site and the forum, which are going to be published soon. Even I have decided not to give up and taken care of removing bugs and adding new features. This is how we've managed to release the next and hopefully not last version of G2O (0.1.3). You may download it throught the update system of our launcher. The linux and windows server files' adresses may be found below. In case you face problems, report them through the bugtracker.

Implemented changes:

+ added magic synchronisation
+ added synchronisation of the items in hand
+ removed errors with arrows/bolts
+ added static class Camera to the camera operation (client-side)
    • collision
    • modeChangeEnabled

    • setMode
    • getMode
    • getPosition
    • setPosition
    • getRotation
    • setRotation
    • enableMovement
    • setTargetVob
    • setTargetPlayer
+ added new client-side functions:
  • attackPlayer(pid, id, combination)
  • attackPlayerRanged(pid, id)
  • attackPlayerMagic(pid, id, itemId)
+ added new client-side events:
  • onSpellCast(itemId)
+ added new server-side functions:
  • setPlayerMana(pid, value)
  • setPlayerMaxMana(pid, value)
  • getPlayerMana()
  • getPlayerMaxMana()
  • setPlayerMagicLevel(pid, value[1-6])
+ added new server-side events:
  • onPlayerEquipHandItem(pid, hand, itemId)
  • onPlayerSpellSetup(pid, itemId)
  • onPlayerSpellCast(pid, itemId)

+ added new constants for the function attackPlayer:

I want to thank Pavera for his help in translating this text into English and translating it into German and also Osmith for translating it into Russian.
I also want to thank Lazar for providing us with graphics and Orku for creating the graphics for the news' use.
Special thanks to the testers (Saurez, Kejn, Adler, Bimbol) for devoting their time.

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