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One Shot One Kill
[Image: OneShotpn_qxseshp.png]

Brief description:
Simple Battle Royale-like deathmatch mode. Player is thrown into small dense Forest area with few other players and few arrows in the equipment. One arrow is enough to kill another person…
…or to be killed by that person. Be careful.

Killing people adds points into your ranking. Round take few minutes and after that ranking reset itself.

Map : OldWorld.Zen (Colony from g2)

0.1 :

* World Buildner - Optional only to change mape. Remember to change command in normal game. 
* Bots ( only 7 wolfs. (Optional u can add more).
* Area ( require to fight zone.
* Ranking for best player in round.
* 10 Minutes rounds.
* Private Message system.
* default Playerlist,chat,admin
* Sprint system.
* Own health system and dmg.

Share ur ideas. I will add something soon. Smile.

[Image: Quarchodr_sheqnnr.png]
You should disable debug mode in my script for not showing area points as Vob(s). Also correct this draw and timer, when you're leaving game area (when you die, draw is showing negative numbers).

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