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Gamemode RolePlay 0.4
Gamemode for RolePlay mode. It is only beta of this gamemode. I used GUI engine by Tomi. Well if u want to use this script you need to be patient. I think theres a lot of bugs becouse i have never a chance to test it. But I will fix any reported bug in this thread. Anyway i prepare for now this (0.2) :

~ Mob interactions. e.g Anvil.
~ Herbs spawner 
~ World Buildner (/wb <password>)
~ Optional Class System ( you dont need to use it ). 
~ Save items/player. 
~ Lot of GUI menus e.g main menu on escape. 
~ Trade system.
~ Commands like /style, /ja, /do ...
~ New admin panel based on three diferrent privileges lider, mod, admin.
~ And a lot of other things Smile.
~ Craft system.

0.3 :

~ NPC 
~ Dialog system.
~ I will complete craft system (level of profession).
~ New gui menus. 


~ Update systems like playerlist, chat etc. 
~ Animate menus like dialog system.
~ Works like fishing.
~ Tired system/sprint.


~ Finally some trade GUI.
~ Interaction menu to player.
~ GUI plugin to animate menus.
~ 3D Draws.
~ Lets call this system for meeting. U know guys. All players will havve this 'player1' and u can change their names in panel. 

Pleas report on any bugs u will find.
Anyway this gamemode alredy is finished in some case. If u want to start server alredy. You need to :

! Change map. Now it works on COLONY.ZEN (if u dont know how search in all files word : COLONY.ZEN)
! Complete craft list in files (kucharz.nut, kowal.nut)
! Complete class files (list.nut)
! Change config file. (config.xml)
! Add Herbs on file (herbs.nut)

If someone want help with prepare some server. PW.


I will add more screen in time :

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4
[Image: Quarchodr_sheqnnr.png]
Great mode Smile
How Long do you Need for V.0.3 .

I would start then Smile

NPC´s are not needed i think. Here are some great Bot modules in this Forum Smile
German Roleplay

-coming soon-
Well.. i need some time. I change my job so i dont have enought time. But maybe in two weeks. And i change default mape to Khorinis.
[Image: Quarchodr_sheqnnr.png]
Well.. no
[Image: Quarchodr_sheqnnr.png]
(08.05.2018, 18:48)Quarchodron Wrote: Well.. i need some time. I change my job so i dont have enought time. But maybe in two weeks. And i change default mape to Khorinis.

Ah ok great Smile

will be there some specific mapscripts, or can i Change the map and can go on then?
German Roleplay

-coming soon-
Map change will be very easy for anyoone who dont wanna play on Khorinis.No problem.
[email protected] 0.3
[Image: Quarchodr_sheqnnr.png]
I haven't found a few things that used to be on your infamous server that must-not-be-named. Wink I would be very grateful if you spared me the time to add them myself.
That was a long way. But 0.4 now is not a myth. Smile Enjoy. Report bugs etc. 0.5 soon.
[Image: Quarchodr_sheqnnr.png]
Hello there!
Sorry for troubling ya.
Przydał by się update bo wywala błędy z ziołami i zapisem kont. Zapewne przez update G2O

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