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[New G2O][Client] Free Camera

NOTE! This script requires math package to work
NOTE! You have to enable event onRender via enableEvent_Render function

Info: This script is stable and propably doesn't have any bugs.

This simple script allows to move around the camera just like in many other games like: Half-Life (spectator mode).
It can be used to many things, administration purposes, creating some editor or just playing around.
Feel free to use it.


*Video presentation:

*List of functions:

void enableFreeCam(bool toggle) //switching between free camera mode / normal mode
bool isFreeCamEnabled() //checks if free camera mode is currently enabled

I've updated the script!
There was a small typo in event onCommand which cause any command to toggle between free camera mode.
Script has been updated.

After one of the updates, script wasn't working correctly.
The cause of the problem was change in Camera.getRotation function (that was changed in Version
The more detailed explanation is in script.
Anyways, scripts now works as before this change Wink.

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