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How to create your own server?
This mod isn't COOP, it adds a multiplayer feature just like MTA for GTA game(s).
If you still interested in 'playing' with your friend, then you need two things:

1.Server files (you can download them from main page, just be sure to download the server with 0.x.x.x version number and for G2NoTR game).
2.VPN or Portforwaring depending on your preferences. One of the simplest and not that bad VPN's is Radmin VPN. VPN simply allows you to create your own private virtual network to allow their members to connect with each other. VPN's are easy to setup, because all you need to do is to install them and that's all, however port forwarding maybe is a little bit harder to configure, but it gives you a lot more consistent network connection, do note that those VPN's are propably built up in client->server architecture model.

From g2o, you only downlolad a server files, and then you can directly run the server by running the exe (on windows ofc).
You and your friend must also download a client launcher to be able to connect to the server, and pretty much that's it.
There are some servers where you can play together, but propably only pentagram is targeting for players from other nations than Poland.

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