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[Clientside] Clickable animation menu
Hi. I've just started to learn how to code in Squirrel and this script was the first solution I've ever written in it. It's clickable animation menu, so you can use your mouse to control it. When the menu appears, player and camera movement is blocked. However, I highly recommend to change your cursor sensitivity using:

void setCursorSensitivity(float number);

As you are going to see, the cursor is always centered. It doesn't allow certain bug to occur. Also, there's one problem. Script is in polish, but it won't be an issue to translate it. Here is the script itself:

As you can see, the code sucks, but it works and someone can find it useful. The menu appears by pressing F9 button. 

You can delete the authorDraw, if you really want to, but please, don't pretend that this is your script.

Hope you enjoy.
You plan on making an English server? Tongue
Ummm... I don't have enough skills to make a serious server. I write gamemodes for my friends, which basically allow you to do everything you want (you play for fun). I don't have VPS, so I can't host it.
Is there any way this script could get updated to 0.1.4?
[Image: 5v7avTG.png]
You can easily "tranlate" this script to 0.1.4 version.
IMO, it would be better, to use some kind of Framework, or make a class, which could automate and simplified some things.
Yeah I tried to change it for 0.1.4 but I guess it's beyond me.
[Image: 5v7avTG.png]

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