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Hi Guys,

It’s great that you guys are developing this into coop!
I need some help, I downloaded the newest 2019 version but had a few questions. 
Are all the quests and single player stuff playable in coop?
How do I use the downloaded server?
Can someone make a tutorial on how to make server so that it is LAN or maybe has a password so can play coop with friends?
The thing about coop is that the support of this mode was abandoned by devs.
The coop mode wasn't advanced enough to offer stable and playable expierence, it gives you possibility to "play singleplayer with other players".
Npcs and Quests wasn't synced, only players could interact with each other.

If you're still interested into trying something like i've described, then you have to download the old dev8 client and the server.
To setup server on LAN you can use the Radmin VPN software (similar to hamachi/tunngle/evolve), one of the best software which allows you to setup your private VPN network and play with you friends. The setup is fairly straightforward, you simply run the server and give your friend(s) IP with the server port, and that's it.

G2O in current version is only supporting the multiplayer mode, although the future of it is also unknown.
Oh I see! thanks for the info. So basically 1 person could do the quests and the other could just help with the fighting?
This would look more like this:

One person is fighting with HIS scavenger, while the second person only sees health decrease of the first person.
Basically players can help each other only by giving/exchaning items. Npcs aren't synced at all.
That’s a shame! Been looking for coop for Gothic similar to how they made Morrowind work in Coop. Would be great if the project was finished. Thanks for the help. Will keep an eye on the discord server.
Yeah, Morrowind gives you really stable COOP/MP expierence.
Dear Friends,

Sorry if i disturb, i'm an italian player with a passion for gothic since i was a child.
I downloaded the old version of gothic Online and the server and i would like to know how can i insert npc and mob on my server.
I found an old friend with the same passion and we're both on Quarantena here in Italy e we would like to play together.
thank you so much
Well, it's not that simple.
In order to add Npc, you have to write your own/include exisiting one script which will add npc's on server-side with AI, and etc.
This script is your only alternative, it adds Npcs with routines, fight AI, and etc.
You can use it, to create your own npcs on your server, but still, even if you add npcs, you propably need to write more code, to make everything playable.
How can i  start a server?I mean how can someone enter my server?I tried hamachi,nothing.Do i need to host a server in order to play with someone?Or is it only a script thing?
Kazuto Wrote:How can i start a server?

Simply run your server even on your own pc (but be sure to forward port in your firewall OR DISABLE YOUR FIREWALL).
This is causing 100% of the problems when you "can't see the server".

Kazuto Wrote:I tried hamachi,nothing.

You can always check some things to be certain that YOU (host) don't blocking the connection to clients (your friends/players).
Every VPN (including hamachi) have the possibility to ping someone, tell your friends to ping you, and if they don't have a reponse with you that means that something is blocking connection (start by disabling OS Firewall).

Kazuto Wrote:Do i need to host a server in order to play with someone?Or is it only a script thing?

Yes you have, do note however, that G2O gives you only the possibility to create your own server (you have to write a gameplay scripts by yourself)

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