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Problem with Bow Morphmeshes
Hey Guys,

i have following Problem.
I tried to bring new Bows to the Game. Everything went fine, till i tried to use it ingame. 
You will see the problem shaking...

Mark56 took a look on the Game Engine and found this.
Mark56;26301176 Wrote:Your anims seems identical to Original, though I would make "release" faster to appear more powerful. I see no problem there.
Its fault of the engine. Since engine directly calls "S_RELAX" on morph meshes when exiting bow/crossbow fight stance. You can probably notice it on any other bow/crossbow as well.

There is workaround:
(requires edit all bows and crossbows mms scripts and recompile, also change humans.mds and recompile)

1. Rename S_RELAX ani to S_SHOOTRELAX
2. Copy S_NORMAL and name it S_RELAX

morphRef ("CA_BOW_LONG_01.ASC")
morphAni ("S_NORMAL" 1 0.1 -1 0.1 L "CA_BOW_LONG_01_SHOOT.ASC" 0 0 SPD:25)
// S_NORMAL copy named S_RELAX for engine to call
morphAni ("S_RELAX" 1 0.1 -1 0.1 L "CA_BOW_LONG_01_SHOOT.ASC" 0 0 SPD:25)
morphAni ("S_SHOOT" 1 0.1 0.4 0.1 . "CA_BOW_LONG_01_SHOOT.ASC" 1 10 SPD:25)
morphAni ("S_READY" 1 0.1 -1 0.1 L "CA_BOW_LONG_01_SHOOT.ASC" 11 11 SPD:25)
// releasing of bow called from humans.mds
morphAni ("S_SHOOTRELAX" 1 0.1 1.12 0.1 . "CA_BOW_LONG_01_SHOOT.ASC" 12 40 SPD:25)

3. EDIT Humans.mds replace all
*eventMMStartAni (13 "S_RELAX" "ZS_LEFTHAND")
to this:
*eventMMStartAni (13 "S_SHOOTRELAX" "ZS_LEFTHAND")

But this is rather a lot of work for small effect. I would let it lie because it's rather known/unnoticed issue at this point.
So now i have 2 questions.
1. Do you know another Way to make the Bows work Proberly?
2. If not, Could you guys Fix this in the G2O Engine itself?

heres are the files
[Image: q4qeu3ny.gif]

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