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G2O Can I create a private server?
Hello there! I just discovered that Gothic Online exists and I think that's amazing, congrats for creating this!

I had a question though, I'd really love to be able to play G2 with a good friend of mine, and to that effect I'd like to be able to host a server, though I can't see the option anywhere in the launcher. It would just be a server for the two of us, is this possible in any way? It would be a dream come true! Also, do graphics mods work with G2 Online?

Thanks in advance for any reply!
1.You can create your own private server by simply downloading the server files.
Then, you really need to change one thing (or two, depends on your choice).
The first thing you must change is the attribute "public" in <config> tag from true to false in config.xml which you can find in main directory of the server folder.

The second thing (which is purely optional) is to change the ip address in <master> tag to avoid visibility of your server in G2O http API.

2.Any graphical mods should work with G2O without any problems (even DX11, but this can be tricky to get it work with g2o without moving files to specific directories).

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