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English RP server?
Omg plz make some1 an Srv English RP/DM i miss old time of Enklawa with 50+ players ... I'm bored of those polish polish servers , rlly nobody can't make an English srv just for fun...
And that Immersive is still on idk if lots players but it's still on atm working on lvl system
So this client it's off atm ? ther is 1 server only with no npcs/no mobs nothing , can't even see List with BOTS...

Also all servers from ther gone lol
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Just be patient. There will be some servers soon.
im working atm at a international server with some other scripters.

be patient.
German Roleplay

-coming soon-
(23.08.2016, 22:52)Pavera Wrote: Just be patient. There will be some servers soon.

I was convinced that you would write something about the reason for the "MMO" servers. How disappointed you me: P

As for the topic of conversation - I think it's true. A "better" server should be created. It does not matter in which language.
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