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Our community consists of many different people. You can find creators here, as well as players. Some, are able to create immersive adventures, interesting maps, atmospheric items and provide hours of gameplay for all those who are just waiting to move into their favorite universe. The others, on the other hand, create wonderful memories by spending time together during hundreds of adventures.


Our platform allows you to create, as well as later play on jointly created projects. Every willing creator, here has a chance to give vent to his creativity to create something that will provide him, as well as others dozens of hours of playing together. All you need is a bit of willingness, time, and you will certainly be able to create something.


You can find servers of really every category with us. Through DM, where players devote their time, practicing the perfect timing of animations to better fight, through the immersive worlds of RP servers, which allow you to experience dozens of different stories, ending with MMORPG mode, where, together with your clan, you can dominate the entire server.

Frequently asked questions

What is G2O?

Gothic 2 Online (G2O) is a free multiplayer modification for popular RPG 'Gothic II:Night of the Raven 2.6' Originally founded in early 2016 as a replacement for almost dead GMP/GMP:A. Since then growing into advanced multiplayer platform.

Multiplayer was build using reverse engineering techniques with own SDK, later changed to AST SDK. Gothic 2 Online exposes original games engine functionality via a scripting language 'Squirrel'. Using scripts a minimal sandbox style game, can be changed to any game mode. Scripting API can be extended by external modules. Both server and client supports scripting and modules API. The project is developed and maintained by G2O Team and remains closed-source for security reasons.

What do I need to be able to play?

A copy of Gothic 2 with Night of the Raven (the Gold Edition already includes this DLC). Also make sure that the version of your game is 2.6. You can check this by starting single player and looking at the start menu. If you do not have this version, then download and install it.

I heard about CO-OP mode, how can I play it with friends?

You can download it on this Discord, but keep in mind that it is a separate modification and G2O Team does not offer help with problems and bugs resulting from CO-OP. Any questions you may have should be asked on the discord dedicated to CO-OP or on the official website!

Will graphics mods like DX11 or union plugins work with G2O?

In case of the DX11 the answer is yes! We recommend download the latest version in order to avoid problems. Other plugins similar to those included in the 'UNION' packages should generally work, but they may be blocked by individual servers due to the unfair advantage they can give to the person using them.

When trying to connect to the server, Error Code 2 pops up

The problem occurs when you try to connect to the server using a virtual machine (an example is Sandboxie) For security reasons, G2O does not allow this. Try connecting to the server normally, without a virtual machine.

The other reason might be an antivirus, like BitDefender, try adding Gothic2.exe to the antivirus exceptions list.

I found a bug during the game. How can I report it?

Describe it on our 'BugTracker' or let us know on the project's Discord. Ideally, you should describe your problem using pictures or videos.